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Data Communications
Our systems at DCK are set up to accept almost any sort of data input from any data repository and when we have it we can work to get your data into the best possible condition. Once processed, we can create outputs over any media channel ensuring that you are communicating with your customer the way they want to communicate. It’s as simple for us to its output to paper for mail as it is to produce communications for e-mail, SMS, via a personalised portal or by any other method.


There are many advantages to processing your multi-channel communications through one supplier, not least in terms of security. Further to this, when we create, manage and deliver seamless communications across all channels we create a genuine consistent Omni-channel experience. We can optimise communications across mobile, tablet, SMS, web, email and print and ensure the content, tone, look and branding are delivering a consistent message.


All customers aren’t the same so why should your communications with them be the same? In normal circumstances the personalisation in communications are expressed in words or numbers that are extracted from your database. Our data communications technology takes this to the next level. We not only use alphanumeric characters for personalisation but we can also use variable artwork. By connecting artwork images to the database and using your segmented data we can send a unique and bespoke communication to each customer that is based on their behaviour and preferences. Each customer can receive documents with imagery and words that have been generated specifically for them. This drives engagement rates and enhances customer experience.


Our automated marketing software gives us the capability to create fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns. We can create fully personalised campaign workflows utilising like direct mail, email, social media, SMS text messaging, voice and microsites. As with everything we do at DCK, data and personalisation are at the centre of this process. We can accept the data input in any format, be it an excel list or directly from your CRM system, perform all of our data cleansing and cleaning processes and make it ready for an integrated marketing campaign. Automated campaigns that use your customer’s behavioural triggers use this behavioural data to improve and refine further campaigns and actions thus improving results. We can advise on the best workflow for a particular campaign in a particular sector based on analytics of previously run campaigns and provide you with an intuitive dashboard so you can follow what’s happening on a campaign as it unfolds. Your automated campaigns are created so that the customer’s behaviour will trigger the following campaign element. We can pre-set schedules, and automate your follow-up, drip, and nurture sequences using a variety of powerful mechanisms, including:

• Triggers to monitor a variety of events to trigger any number of Outbound Media or follow-up activities.
• Goals to set, track, and act on conversion points, for use in Reports and other performance measurement.
• Scoring to add or subtract contact scores based on activities (Events) performed by Contacts within your marketing Program.

• Scheduled outbound HTML & text emails
• Scheduled SMS text messages.
• Scheduled Tweets or fully personalized Direct Messages to a group of Followers
• Fully personalised high quality direct mail pieces.
• Personalised microsites that can include contact forms, downloadable content and are mobile-ready.

Another big advantage of this approach is that it’s all measurable. The campaign dashboard allows you to see exactly what happened and when, what’s working for people and what could be improved and the value and return on investment being derived from the campaign. The results will be right there in black and white.



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